NLMJ, Esq.

As an artist herself, Nicole places a high value on practicality. (And back up ballet flats!)

This shows through her focus on educating artists and entrepreneurs about  to their rights when it comes to Federal Copyright and Trademark law. It also includes the business of making a client’s art more that a private passion. With this focus on the law surrounding the entertainment industry, the internet, and social media… she is happy to do the same on her blog. This is what an artist looks like, while practicing law.


Suffolk University Law School; Boston, MA – Juris Doctor   (May 2009)

  • Activities: Phi Delta Phi: Rehnquist Inn, Intellectual Property Law Students Association
  • Coursework: Intellectual Property Survey, Copyrights, Advanced Copyrights, Trademark Law, Software Law, Entertainment Law, Licensing Intellectual Property, Internet Law, Transactional Law, Advanced Technology Seminar: Cyberspace

The University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA – B.A. English  (May 2005)

  • Minor in Latin Language Studies
  • Minor in Ancient Civilizations (Rome, Greece)
  • Certificates of Medieval Studies (Medieval Latin Language, European and Scandinavian Culture)
  • Intellectual Property Thesis: “The Transformative Nature of the Internet: The Bar Against Fair Use Set by Warner Bros. Entertainment & J.K. Rowling v. RDR Books”
  • Published: “How to Understand An Employment Contract and Choose the Right Attorney”, The National Association of Physician Recruiter’s Physician Practice Search Guide, Exemplar Law Internship

“Entertainer at Law”

Nicole finished the first draft of her first fantasy novel her senior hear of high school, 2001. She attended the University of Iowa from 2001 to 2005 to turn the draft into a manuscript, and found herself falling in love with the ancient cultures of Rome and Scandinavia. In addition to infusing her own artist writing with historical inspiration, Nicole found a love of the latin language that she carried with her to the Suffolk University Law School in 2006. Here, she strove to turn her manuscript into a professional career by arming herself with a law degree focused on Copyright Law and Intellectual Property. She also discovered that her love of Classical Latin met a rather spectacular culture clash with “legal latin”, which you can read about on her blog.

Volunteer Lawyer for the Arts

After taking the Massachusetts Bar Exam in July of 2009, Nicole began volunteering with The Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of Massachusetts – a low cost, no-cost legal referral services that puts artists in touch with attorneys who are passionate about advocating for the arts. It is her professional aspiration to extend the reach of the VLA into the Western part of Massachusetts, perhaps one day opening up a satellite office to the main project in Boston, MA.


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